We strive to improve the lives we impact,
the landscapes we oversee and the communities we serve

Core Values







A Team of Landscape Experts on Your Side

Monarch bridges the gap between you and landscape contractors. Our experts know what it takes to make contractors more accountable and ensure that they deliver the best possible results. Pooling our expertise in horticulture, arboriculture, pest control, irrigation management, strategic planning and successful landscape maintenance operations, our Orange County California elite team makes objective recommendations to meet your needs first.

Loyal Advocates

Built on principles of professionalism and integrity, Monarch offers assessments and recommendations that are completely objective and unbiased. We have no affiliations with contractors and never promote products or vendors for our own gain. Our sole aim is to help property owners realize the greatest possible return on their landscape investment.

Experienced and Passionate Leadership

Monarch Environmental was founded by Matt Davenport in 2008. Prior to starting Monarch, Matt worked extensively in ornamental horticulture maintenance, construction, water management and arboriculture.  As a thought leader in the green industry, Matt was named one of the top 35 leaders under age 35 by nationally syndicated Lawn and Landscape Magazine. Matt is on the editorial committee for CACM and was a featured speaker at the Facilities Management Conference in Northern and Southern California, CAI Spring Showcase , The Water Smart Innovations show in Las Vegas and the UC Cooperative Extension Open House . In addition to speaking, Matt has been an author in dozens of respected periodicals including: The Orange County Register, The Journal of American Water Works Association, CACM Vision Magazine, CAI editorial, Condo Management and the Sustainability- the Journal of Record.