Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire Monarch?

Monarch is an award winning team of licensed experts who serve as your advocates and bridge the gap between you and your landscape contractors. We help ensure that you get the best service for the best price. Once the work is done we inspect the work and review the invoice before recommending payment.

What advantages can we expect from having Monarch Environmental as a partner?

There are a number of advantages for partnering with Monarch. Here are the top 3:

  • Get what you pay for– You will know that the resources allocated towards landscape are being maximized because we will show you. A variety of different reports reflecting objective data will help you make educated landscape decisions.
  • A third party expert– We know the landscape business and we help you make the right decisions by giving you objective, reliable answers.
  • Accountability– Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an industry-leading expert is out in the field representing your best interest.

Shouldn’t our contractor be doing this?

No. The contractor’s role is simply to fulfill the signed agreement. As your advocate, Monarch measures and reports how well the work is being done, as compared to contract specifications. In addition, we provide objective information and feedback related to recommendations provided by the contractor. This helps you and other stakeholders to make more informed decisions regarding landscape investments.

Shouldn’t the community manager be doing this?

No. The community manager is responsible for the general oversight of the property. He or she typically does not have the time or expertise to conduct assessments at the level of detail necessary to ensure consistent quality and full vendor accountability. Fully licensed and insured, Monarch knows precisely what it takes enhance the quality of service and results you receive from your contractors. By requesting a proposal from Monarch, the community manager is pursuing a value added option that maximizes the dollars going towards landscape.

Why not just give this extra money to the contractor so they can get more people out here?

This will not answer questions you may have about the quality of work you are receiving from your contractor. More manpower does not always equal better results. What if you can get better results with the same manpower? Monarch helps you achieve this goal by educating you, the customer, and facilitating contractor accountability.

How do we know you are working for our best interest?

Monarch’s fundamental commitment is to work on behalf of the owner. Our monthly and quarterly reports will prove our dedication to maximizing the results you receive from your contractors.

What happens if Monarch shows the landscaper is doing a good job and we continue to be unsatisfied?

Monarch will score the contractor based on the specifications of the signed landscape contract. In the event the board is unsatisfied but the contractor is fulfilling the contract, we typically recommend a new set of specifications that better frames the needs of the community.

Shouldn’t we just go out to bid?

STOP! Contractor turnover drives contract prices higher. The best way to ensure that your resources are being used to the fullest, regardless of the contractor, is setting clear expectations and obtaining quantifiable feedback. Before you go out to bid consider Monarch’s CAPP or landscape assessment services.

What is CAPP?

CAPP stands for Contractor Assessment Performance Program. This monthly program is the most cost effective way to maximize your landscaping resources. CAPP includes site visits, performance evaluations, budget management, work order management, Tree care management, Board meeting reports, Invoice and proposal review, and expert analysis. Data gathered is presented a variety of graphs and reports that can be presented at board meetings.

What does a landscape assessment entail?

A landscape assessment includes a review of plant and trees on the site; a contractor assessment; a review of landscape-related specifications, and an irrigation system overview. This process will take 30-90 days depending on urgency and purpose.

Does Monarch write Specifications?

Yes, we write specifications for Landscape maintenance and Tree trimming.

Does Monarch handle Contract Management?

Yes. Contract management is a popular term in the construction industry. We provide the same service for landscape. Our contract management program is included in CAPP. CAPP provides the means to ensure vendor accountability through site visits and reporting.

Does Monarch provide other services?

Monarch offers a variety of other programs, including: board meeting visits, contract review, design work, tree care management, irrigation audits, RFP management, installation management, master planning, cost analysis, vendor selection, and expert advice.

What if I need a specific service not described on the web site?

E-mail: A solution is an e-mail away.

How much does Monarch charge?

Charges vary depending on the service provided. The cost for CAPP is based on a percentage of total contract, work order load, and the specific needs of the client.

How can Monarch save us money?

Monarch often saves clients money by helping them develop more cost-effective budgets for labor and materials. We also inspect current spending (invoices) to make sure clients actually receive the products and services for which they paid. In addition, by providing better data, we help clients make better decisions and reduce costly contract turnover.